EmberConf 2015: Composing data visualizations with Ember


I presented at EmberConf 2015 last week! Not only was it my first time speaking, but also the first conference I have attended. I couldn't imagine a better or more exciting developer community. The talks were great, and nearly everyone went out of their way to be friendly and inclusive.

For work I build a lot of data visualizations in Ember. Doing data visualization in JavaScript is a lot of fun, and there’s plenty of examples out there. But few examples take advantage of one of Ember’s greatest strengths: the ease of which it allows putting together components. This talk approaches data visualization from a compositional standpoint. What are the spare parts you can use to compose a visualization? Why would doing so be beneficial?

Here's the video:

Part of the presentation included a demo, for which the code is on GitHub. I also heavily rely on a paper by Hadley Wickham called “A layered grammar of graphics” It’s available here and is fantastic.